Mommy and Me Chronicles

Mommy & Me Chronicles is a Journey of Healing for the mind, body, and spirit. My mother was diagnosed with triple malignant breast in September of 2017. We decided to share our journey as my mother and daughter to help us through the process. God told me to share our personal moments not to only help us through this process but also to help others that are going through something similar or the same. So being obedient to God & with my moms permission we present:
Our Testimony, Our Journey, & Our Moments.

This video is documenting my mothers last chemo treatment on 1/22/18. God is so faithful and He does what His Word says He will do as long as we have faith and believe. After this video she had surgery on 2/12/18 and is now CANCER FREE!!!. WON’T HE DO IT!!!!

This video is a collection of weeks 5-7.

The following video chronicles week 3. My mother and I share our thoughts on not getting chemo that week and reveal her big chop.


The following video chronicles our drive to week twos chemo treatment & the waiting process.



The following video montage is a collection of videos and pictures from the day we went to the doctor after we got the diagnoses and mommy’s first treatment.

I hope this video inspires you and gives you the strength to push through.