I’m coming back!!!

Hello everyone!!!

I feel like it has been forever since I have connected with you guys. So much has happened and changed since the last time I have really blogged. So lets catch up!!!

Some of you may know that my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of the summer, so I have been busy taking her to doctors appointments & treatments almost weekly. Being there for her as much as I can has been a priority. It has been draining at times but thank God for a understanding husband and for each and everyone of you that has been praying for her and I. This journey has definitely made me even stronger in my faith and a fervent prayer warrior. With all the ups and downs we continue to press on and KNOW that God is in control.

Along with being an amazing daughter (at least that’s what I tell myself) to my mother I’ve been adjusting (I’m loving being a wife) to being a wife, a mother to my bonus sons, running a business, and working on ministry with my husband. But with all that I still have to be obedient and continue with the assignment He gave me to oversee.

This website is a important part of my ministry and I am committed to giving it my all, so January 1, 2018 I’m back. Yes, New Years Day I will be live on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/testimonies4her) to announce what you can expect from HerTestimony in 2018.

Thanks to each and everyone of you that has subscribed and followed HerTestimony!!!

Until next year,img_6563-1

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