Wednesday’s Words of Encouragement 

Live In Peace

 When I read the scripture of the day on my bible app this morning, the Holy Spirit told me   I must share on this blessed Wednesday!!!! 

In this scripture (Hewbrews 12:14: “Work at living in peace with everyone,……”) it instructs us to live in peace with EVERYONE. I know you maybe saying to yourself ‘how can I do that when the world is full chaos and confusion. Or how can I live in peace when the government is enforcing executive orders, media division, fascist behavior, and fear of freedom.’ Well this is how, “when you trust in God with all your heart and don’t depend on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5) you can live in peace! When you trust God and His Word (really trust) and not the media, the government, or the world you can be in Perfect Peace but you must find peace with the Father and His Word. 

Happy Wednesday 😘

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