Wednesday’s Words of Encouragement 

I use to define my beauty by how my hair looked, my clothing, my weight, and my overall outward appearance. I never thought about the beauty within which is my heart.

But when i decided to follow Christ I found a relationship with God. He showed me what true beauty was and that was a heart the feared the Him only (Proverbs 31:30)

So as my relationship grew in the Word I started to let go of the bitterness, the hurt, the grudges, the feeling for revenge, and my insecurities. As this happened God began to create in me a clean heart and give me a renewed spirit(Psalms 51:10).

As my relationship with God got stronger and I listen to His will for my life all the strongholds that where attaching my heart and spirit where released. All soulties were GONE (Psalms 18:44-45)

If you’re heart is filled with revenge, hurt, brokenness, worry, uncertainty, or whatever is keeping your true beauty hidden, give it to God today. There will be a process but anything worth having has a process! So when obstacles come your way don’t give up keep pressing!!! You’ve tried everything else why not try God.

Happy Wednesday and live Blessed 😘

2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Words of Encouragement 

  1. Tiffany Helber says:

    This was right on point, you are on fire girl!!!! Keep spreading the word and allowing GOD to use you! There is healing in your blog! Awesome work! Proud of you!


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