Wednesday’s Words of Encouragement


We’ve all heard the different faith sayings; walk by faith, take a leap of faith, faith without works is dead, and you just need to have faith the size of a mustard seed. All these saying are inspiring but if you don’t believe with your whole heart and mind then all these sayings are just that.

Are you willing to jump off the cliff and have faith that God will place you safely where you need to be? Will you be willing to leave your job, move back with your parents, or end a relationship based on faith? If you had to think about it; then 9 times out of 10 you have some doubt that you may fall/fail. Well; I want to encourage who’s ever reading this that you can jump and God will place you safely on your feet right where you need to be.

One of my favorite faith scriptures is Genesis 22:1-14 NLT. Before this chapter it talks about how Abraham waited almost all his life to have a child with his wife. Years after he was blessed with his son Isaac; God tested Abraham’s faith. God asked him to sacrifice his only son. Now you know if someone told you to sacrifice your pride and joy you would look at them like they were crazy. Well; Abraham was faithful and obedient to God and he followed His instructions. When God saw, that Abraham had faith in his heart and his actions, God provided him with a sacrifice and the life of his son.

Today we don’t have to sacrifice flesh and blood because Jesus has done that for us (Romans 3:25 NLT). The only thing we have to do is have faith and believe. Read Gods Word for yourself so you can have the same faith and obedience to God like Abraham. If he was willing to sacrifice his son for God’s blessings, then we should all be able to sacrifice worldly things for our blessings.

So the next time you have to make a sacrifice in your life in order to get to that place that God has promised you, have Abraham-Like-Faith!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Words of Encouragement

  1. Natalie Clayborn says:

    Like all other Christians, I am a work in progress. Undoubtedly, I struggle daily to embrace faith in its entirety. The biblical examples that you touched on, were dead on. Trials and tribulations breed testaments. I wholeheartedly agree with, ” Read Gods Word for yourself so you can have the same faith and obedience to God…” This has been my reinforcement, in the development of my faith.


    • HerTestimony says:

      We are all a work in progress and that’s a good thing!! At a time like this it is important that we get in relationship with Christ and find a bible based church that will help us grow in our faith and our walk with Him.


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